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red jane
30 September 2030 @ 04:00 pm
semi-friends only.

adding? yes/no

Comment and more than likely I'll add you. If you don't comment that's fine too, I'm not a jerk about that sort of thing. I love to meet new people so don't be shy! XOXO

If you're looking for my graphics, they can be found @ swtchxblade.
red jane
16 August 2014 @ 02:58 pm
Oh man this place seems dead. Is anyone here on Tumblr? I'm on there a lot --> oh-vixen if anyone wants to add me. I probably won't update on here regularly anymore unless I get the urge to keep a journal again. I do miss all of you though!
red jane
23 September 2012 @ 02:34 pm
GreenDay.com posted this earlier: http://www.greenday.com/news/news-70741

I don't know what the hell is going on with Billie Joe, but I hope everything turns out okay for him soon. I'm really worried. I don't know him at all of course, but I've watched enough interviews and stuff over the years to know that lately he's seemed not his "usual self" and with the recent couple of hospital visits... I dunno, I'm just kind of scared for him now. The only comfort I have is knowing that Adrienne is there for him and will set him straight if he's having major problems. Mid-life crisis maybe? I hope they don't end up canceling the tour, but if it means him getting better than I'd rather have that.

At the same time, this could all be corporate bull s and he's actually just fine. =\
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red jane
21 September 2012 @ 08:27 pm
So it's official that I'm moving over to hardlines at work. Yay! I need the change. My current department manager is also moving with me, which is good because the one that's there is kind of an idiot. They're switching him with my manager in hopes that he'll really screw up so they can get rid of him, setting him up for failure basically. As much as I don't really care for the guy, it's dirty and I don't think anyone deserves that kind of treatment. I don't understand why they don't just fire him because he pulls all kinds of crap and gets away with it. For example every time he gets two days off in a row, he'll call in two or three days after that, giving him a 4 or 5 days off. He had this entire last week off. This is a manager! Yet they won't just get rid of him. They do it with everyone like that. I despise this company more and more each day it seems, they're so wasteful.

I've been looking at fabric all day trying to find a solid mint green and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I'm trying to re-create one of two dresses I found on one of my favorite websites because I can't afford the real ones. I'm also wondering if they're "dressy" enough for a wedding. I have just under a month to make/find something. Eek! Dresses are under the cut... opinions are gladly welcomed!

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I'm stuck on the color because I already have shoes/accessories that go with it. I don't know what other color I could use. Red is my favorite but it's one of the wedding colors so I can't wear it and I want a color that will keep me invisible. The first dress is "dressier" I think, but the second one would hide my stomach LOL but I'm not sure about the mermaids. I have a pattern for the first dress, but I couldn't find one for the second. UGH. I HATE SPECIAL OCCASIONS. Why can't this kind of crap ever be easy? I'm pretty sure I'm just too picky haha.

I was planning on seeing The Bourne Ultimatum this weekend, but my theater stopped showing it yesterday even though every other theater remotely close to me is still showing it. And when I say remotely close I mean over 30 miles away/45 min away. I would be perfectly fine with driving that far if gas prices weren't so insane. My theater sucks. *pout*

70 days until the "¡UNO! ¡DOS! Ex¡TRÉ!vaganza"!!! Emily and I finally came up with a name for it LOL.

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red jane
16 August 2012 @ 04:51 pm
So much Green Day stuff going on lately! I'm getting concert fever! The singles they're releasing are getting better with each one. I've heard "Oh Love" a few times now and I honestly don't like it. I doesn't feel like it has any life in it to me, if that makes sense. "Let Yourself Go" is kinda repetitive but I like the energy of it. " Kill the DJ" is fun, I love the beat and it sounds like one of those songs that will be awesome to hear live. "99 Revolutions" sounds freaking awesome from the one minute clip they gave us. I'm getting more excited with each day! I only wish they weren't waiting until January to release the third one, why did they have to skip the month of my birthday?? LOL. I understand they probably don't want to deal with an album release during the holidays though. All the boys have Instagram accounts now so I don't have to have Twitter to stalk them now hehe. Billie's is bj_unoxx, Mike's is mike_dosxx, and Tre's is treleparc if you guys want to follow them.
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red jane
26 June 2012 @ 04:46 pm
The tracklist for Green Day's ¡UNO! is out! I'm sure you all have seen it already but I'm posting it anyway because #2 makes me happy to no end. Now I just hope "Stray Heart" is on one of the other two!

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That is all. =)
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